There are two reasons why a family who has a small child in the pool should choose to invest in a pool safety fence. The first reason is obvious, and the primary motivation for most people seeking a pool fence. The second reason is just as valid, but most people don’t realize this benefit until after they have installed and spent some time with their pool fence.

Reason #1: Safety and Peace of Mind

Drowning is the number one accidental killer of children under five. It is a very serious issue for anyone who has children and a swimming pool. The key to swimming pool safety is layers of protection, of which a pool fence is perhaps the most critical component. This is the reason most people install a swimming pool safety fence: to prevent their child from drowning. And this makes sense. Pool fence is specifically designed to keep children from accessing the pool and drowning. That is its purpose, and it does a very good job. One study showed that the presence of a pool fence almost eliminates the chance for drowning completely. When installed with other layers of protection, the pool gets even safer.

Safety is the main reason people get a pool fence, and it is a great reason to do so, but there is one more reason people enjoy having a pool fence that they generally discover after installing it.

Reason #2: Convenience

One benefit we hear about from our customers over and over again is how much more enjoyable family time in the backyard becomes with their pool fence up. With the pool fence up, parents can relax and enjoy themselves in the backyard while the children run around under their supervision, without having to run and stop them every time they go near the pool. This benefit increases exponentially if you have more than one child. You’re not up every three minutes grabbing them as they zip towards the pool, and you aren’t looking over your shoulder to see if your other child is near the pool while you focus on the one. The pool fence takes that stress and anxiety away making backyard time fun for everybody.

Like I said in the beginning, safety/drowning prevention is the initial motivation for most people’s purchase of a pool fence, but the added convenience, backyard enjoyment, peace of mind, and improved quality of life cannot be overlooked. Either reason alone justifies the cost of a pool fence, but with both, it becomes a no-brainer.

Every pool should have a fence.

If you wouldn’t own a car without a seat belt, you shouldn’t own a pool without a fence.