It is time to look at the U.S. Drowning Stats for April 2019. Each month, we here at Life Saver Pool Fence explore the meticulous drowning stats for the nation. We’ve been given special permission from USA Swimming to share these findings with our audience each month. As you’ll see, April has been a fairly rough month for drowning statistics.

With each passing month, our goal is to help further educate our already safety-conscious readers. These numbers from USA Swimming offer a glimpse into a few dangerous drowning trends. More importantly, they help to shine a light on some specific water safety measures that may be helpful for our readers.

U.S. Drowning Stats for April 2019

The drowning stats below offer an overview of the number of deaths that have occurred across the nation during April 2019. This helpful chart also compares these numbers to the same month from previous years.

The chart focuses on how each of four key age groups have been affected by drowning:

  • Children aged four and younger
  • Children aged 12 and under
  • Teenagers
  • Adults, meaning anyone older than teens

Chart: U.S. Drowning Stats for April 2019

Month Total Child 4 & Under Child 12 & Under Teen Adult
2019-April 144 25 10 16 93
2018- April 118 24 7 11 76
2017- April 152 22 7 15 108
2016- April 177 44 17 24 92
2015- April 162 28 12 16 106
2014- April 170 22 11 15 122
2013- April 109 13 17 6 73
2012- April 132 29 7 12 84
2011- April 179 44 16 14 105
2010- April 113 28 4 12 69
2009- April 152 34 13 17 88

As you can see, this has not been a particularly good month. When it comes to drowning, we’ve seen increases in nearly all of the categories. To put it mildly, more education is needed. The more people learn about the dangers of drowning, the better equipped they will be to survive in the water.

drowning stats 2018a

Mapping the Danger

When it comes to drowning, one of the most dangerous categories are children from the ages of 12 and under. Fortunately, USA Swimming has begun to develop a nationwide map to measure this exact category. The goal – at a glance – is to help identify state-by-state “hot spots” for child drownings. Below, please take a look at the map for the first quarter of 2019. With each passing month, this map will be enhanced and updated.

Child Safety Map

Please note, the numbers inside each state represent the ages of the children, not the numbers of children. Each age represents one child. So, if a child was 10-11-12 years old, their age is underlined so as not to confuse as two separate numbers.  For example, a twelve-year-old would be listed on the map as “12.”

What is the Origin of These Drowning Stats for April?

As mentioned above, these drowning stats for April come from USA Swimming. This organization is the national governing body for competitive swimming in the United States. It is an extension of the United States Olympic Committee. In fact, USA Swimming is charged with selecting the United States Olympic Swimming team and any other swimming teams that officially represent the nation.

Above all else, USA Swimming sets the rules for competitive swimming in the United States. It employs coaches and helps to promote safe swimming.

To learn more, visit the official website for USA Swimming.

Further Reading

Obviously, drowning stats cannot be the beginning and the end of water safety awareness. Every single person must do their part to teach others and to continue learning. With the proper precautions, drowning is preventable.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Life Saver Pool Fence. Additionally, feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.