Each month, Life Saver Pool Fence is happy to share these drowning stats from USA Swimming. These comprehensive drowning stats for November 2018 shine a light on certain trends where further education and caution are needed.

Drowning is a danger to each and every one of us. Young or old, understanding basic water safety precautions is critical for everyone.

U.S. Drowning Stats for November 2018

USA Swimming’s November statistics show the number of drowning deaths across the nation throughout the past month. Additionally, this chart also compares this November’s numbers to past Novembers going back to 2009.

The chart focuses on four key age groups affected by drowning:

  • Children aged four and younger
  • Children aged 12 and under
  • Teenagers
  • Adults, meaning anyone older than teens

Chart: U.S. Drowning Stats for November 2018

November Total Child 4 & Under Child 12 & Under Teen Adult
2018-Nov 72 12 2 2 56
2017-Nov 65 7 3 3 52
2016-Nov 78 22 8 3 45
2015-Nov 55 7 3 2 43
2014-Nov 64 10 5 9 40
2013-Nov 52 7 7 5 33
2012-Nov 83 12 3 68
2011-Nov 68 15 2 5 46
2010-Nov 77 18 7 3 49
2009-Nov 80 19 4 5 52

As you can see in the chart, there has been a slight bump in total drowning incidents for this past November. While there were more drownings for children four and under, this is still a significant drop versus 2016. The U.S. drowning stats for November 2018 for both teens and children 12 and under have remained relatively stable.

So, looking at these statistics, is there a clear reason for these shifts? On a month-by-month level, it is a bit too soon to tell. As always, the more information people have, the better. When adults and children know more about pool safety, they are better able to protect themselves. The best weapons we have in the fight against drowning deaths are better education and awareness campaigns.

drowning stats 2018

Where Do These Stats Come From?

These drowning statistics for November 2018 have been sent to Life Saver Pool Fence directly from USA Swimming. This organization is the national governing body for competitive swimming in the United States. It is an extension of the United States Olympic Committee. In fact, USA Swimming is charged with selecting the United States Olympic Swimming team and any other swimming teams that officially represent the nation.

Above all else, USA Swimming sets the rules for competitive swimming in the United States. It employs coaches and helps to promote safe swimming. When it comes to best swimming practices, they know their stuff! To learn more about USA Swimming, visit their official website.

Further Reading

Preventing drowning is something that concerns us all. It is important that both kids and adults do their part to learn the basics of water safety. On the whole, drowning can strike when we least expect it. It's important to always stay on guard for unlikely drowning hazards.

With the proper precautions, drowning is preventable. As our regular readers know, the official Life Saver Pool Fence blog offers many helpful tips and guides for concerned parents and swimmers.

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