We’ve discussed a lot of water safety tips for people, but we’ve barely touched on our dogs. We’ll be fixing that immediately. Today, we’re tackling our top water safety tips for dogs!

Our pets are our family. Most of us would do anything to protect our dogs — much like we would with our own children.

Dogs Are Not Natural Swimmers

Contrary to popular beliefs, dogs are not technically natural swimmers. We all know about dog paddling. When a playful pooch jumps in the the water, the will instinctively begin to kick their paws to tread the water. This helps the dog stay afloat, but it’s not actually “swimming” per say. In more serious situations, they can quickly lose control and drown. This happens far more often than you might expect. Veterinarians estimate that 5,000 family pets drown in their own backyards each year. A few water safety tips for dogs are clearly necessary!

And unlike these lucky canines you may have seen online, you can’t always trust another heroic dog to come to the rescue!

Water Safety Tips for Dogs

First things first, teach your dog to swim. Believe it or not, your dog needs swimming lessons! Now, for children and adults, that’s no problem. Many dogs may love to play in the water, but it’s important that they are introduced to it in a safe environment.

Pet Drowning Danger Prevention Tips

  • Don’t throw your dog in the water! No matter how much they love the water, you could be creating a tragic situation.
  • Never leave your dog swimming alone. Instead, try swimming alongside your pooch. They’ll get used to the idea of swimming as a group activity.
  • If your dog is in the water keep a close eye on them. Active Supervision works just as well for pets as it does for children.
  • Practice entering and exiting your pool by using the stairs. Doing it together will show your dog how to escape if they accidentally fall in.
  • We’ve touched on the importance of CPR training before, but did you know that there’s such a thing as “pet CPR”? It’s true! Learning this form of CPR can save your pup during a potential fatal accident.

An Obedient Dog is a Safe Dog

Beyond those water safety tips for dogs, one of the don’t forget the idea of obedience training. A dog that understands you will listen to necessary instructions. A disobedient dog will… well, he or she will disobey you. That’s true both on land and in water. It is crucial that you get a handle on your best friend, if only to keep the dog safe and happy!

Consider Installing a Pool Fence to Protect Your Dog

We’re usually focused on children, but did you realize that pool fences are also enormously helpful in protecting pets from drowning accidents? We did! In fact, Life Saver Pool Fence specifically designs fences to prevent pets from reaching the water. A 30-inch pool fence is perfect for anyone with small to medium-sized pets. This fence is at the perfect height that allows for adults to keep a physical barrier between the pool and your four-legged loved ones.

Pet Fence

Anyone that owns a pet should consider installing a one of these fences. It’s a layer of protection that shouldn’t be skipped. By following these water safety tips for dogs, you can help to prevent a tragic drowning.