At Life Saver Pool Fence, we’d like to take a moment to shine a light on some of the many drowning deaths this April and look at how tragic accidents such as these can be prevented. In spite of how morbid this may seem, it is necessary reading. We are dedicated to water safety. This is why, each month we plan to look back on the recent tragedies as a learning experience. This will both honor the victims of drowning deaths, and hopefully prevent further loss of life.

Ultimately, these tragic stories should not become a black-and-white statistic. Each of these deaths brings the victims’ families great sadness. We share their sadness. Keep these names and stories in your heart. After all, though these accidents are all-too-common, in nearly all cases accidental drowning is also preventable.

Here are just a few of the drowning deaths of April:

Father Drowns Saving His Son in Oregon

Here’s the story of Juan Carlos Armenta Madrigal, a very brave father from Oregon who lost his life while saving his son from drowning. According to news reports, Juan’s son slipped and fell into the water. Heroically, Juan jumped in after him. Neither knew how to swim and they were not wearing life jackets.

Using Life Jackets for Toddlers

This is a key lesson that it’s never too late to learn how to swim.

You can read Juan’s full story here:

A Two-Year-Old Boy Dies from Apparent Drowning Incident in Texas

KIII TV reports that Ayden Flores was rushed to the hospital after a drowning incident at a Texas home. According to the authorities, this accident happened while the adults of the house were sleeping. This is obviously heartbreaking, but extra layers of protection could possibly have helped to prevent a tragedy such as this from happening to someone else.

Relying on a single safety precaution can leave major gaps in your safety. Instead, parents are encouraged to install pool alarms, window alarms, and door alarms, as well as a mesh pool fence. These extra layers of protection can help keep your children to remain safer around the water, even when no one is around to actively supervise them.

Super Strong Textilene Mesh used by Life Saver Pool Fence

You can read Ayden’s full story here:

Two High School Seniors Drown in a Lake

Two Texas High School seniors, Oscar Rios and Julio Espinosa-Guerrero, drowned while swimming in the Wheeler Branch Reservoir near Glen Rose in Texas. The two teenagers were participating in an unofficial “skip day” just days after their prom. Reportedly, Oscar had had some trouble in the water and Julio rushed out to save his friend. Tragically, neither made it out of the water. With Julio’s bravery in mind, this is why it is important for us all to understand some practical steps for how to save someone from drowning. It can be far more difficult than many people expect.

You can read Oscar and Julio’s full story here.

A Three-Year Old Girl Found Floating in a Florida Community Pool

Angelique Pache was discovered floating in a community swimming pool. Another child noticed her body, causing nearby adults to pull her out and call 911. Unfortunately, they were too late. Doctors were unable to resuscitate Angelique.

Little children need constant supervision around the water. All it takes is a few unsupervised moments for tragedy to strike. If anyone is going into a pool, always assign a designated water watcher assigned to the pool area. This ensures that the children present won’t find themselves in drowning danger. If not, a parent may believe that someone else is watching. Far too often, this is not the case. A momentary lapse of active supervision can have devastating results.

You can read Angelique’s full story here. 

New York Man’s Kayaking Accident Shows Importance of Life Jackets

Patrick Cafarchio was kayaking across Oneida Lake when a witness noticed him having trouble. He ended up tipping into the water without a life preserver on, and never escaped. When setting sail on the open water, it is crucial to prepare yourself. If you’re hopping on a kayak or any other type of sea vessel, it’s important to have some safety guidelines. Wearing an approved life jacket can easily mean the difference between life or death.

Buoyancy Vests and Life Jackets: Know the Difference

You can read Patrick’s full story here.

Let’s Close with a Hopeful Story!

These were just a few of the tragic drowning deaths of April. Let’s end on something that’s a little more optimistic. Here, a potential disaster that was thankfully stopped in its tracks! A little boy in danger of drowning in Myrtle Beach made it out of the water okay thanks to the quick thinking of a man named Shaun Skursky!

We love stories like these. You can read all about it here.