Drowning danger is a very real threat to us all. While many of us do not actually believe it could happen to us, some stories bring reality crashing home. In this case, a celebrity has drowned while heroically attempting to save a group of drowning people. The hero in this case was Yu-Gi-Oh! creator, Kazuki Takahashi.

Read on to learn more and how we can all strive to prevent tragedies like this one.

What Happened to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Creator?

According to a report from Stars and Stripes, Kazuki Takahashi died while attempting to save the lives of a U.S. soldier, and a woman and her 11-year-old daughter. The three were caught in a sudden and powerful rip tide, according to multiple witnesses on the scene. Takahashi selflessly rushed in to help.

Sadly, the current proved too strong for the people trapped in the current. In a stroke of luck, a U.S. Army officer and scuba diving instructor named Major Robert Bourgeau was also present. While he didn’t encounter Takahashi during the rescue, Bourgeau did save the 11-year-old girl and her mother. When he rushed to help the soldier, the waves seemed overwhelming.

Fortunately, Bourgeau was able to yell orders and direct the soldier to safety. All three of the initial victims survived.


Tragically, the Yu-Gi-Oh! creator was found lifeless two days later. Takahashi’s manga, trading cards and anime are world famous. His fans are deeply mourning his loss. Still, regardless of his fame, it is worth noting that the artist didn’t hesitate to risk his life while attempting to save others.

Rip Tide Dangers

While the death of the Yu-Gi-Oh! creator is surely taking center stage in this story, there is also a cautionary beach safety lesson about rip tides and rip currents. In a nutshell, a rip tide is a long, narrow band of water that pulls away from the shore. These may not be immediately apparent… and therein lies the danger. As today’s story shows, not knowing how to spot a rip tide can lead to extreme danger.


This powerful water can suddenly and unexpectedly carry a swimmer out to sea. In addition to dragging the person under the water, it can easily disorient a swimmer. This can be terrifying and lead to bad decisions. These bad decisions can pile up and become even more dangerous.

Surviving a Rip Tide

If you find yourself caught in a rip tide, it is crucial to stay calm. Keeping your wits is the most important aspect of escaping the rough waters. Next, never try to swim against the current. Instead, swim in a direction parallel to the shore. Slowly and carefully, you should eventually be able to break free and get back toward the shore.

In the event you cannot break free, get to the surface and signal for help. Be as loud as possible and wave your arms wide in the air. Hopefully a lifeguard will see and be able to help. This also underlines a note we common make on this blog – never swim when a lifeguard isn’t present.

Helping From Land

When it comes to drowning danger, caution is always best. Jumping in should be an absolute last resort. Besides the waves, a panicked drowning person could drag a would-be rescuer under with them.

In most cases, if possible, throw a safety preserver or floatation device to them, or reach out with a long stick. The goal is to pull the drowner out of trouble without getting yourself into danger.


There is no doubt that rip tides can be dangerous. The Yu-Gi-Yo! creator was extremely brave to try to save these people. Unfortunately, Takahashi lost his life in the attempt. Hopefully, with the lessons learned above, this type of tragedy can be avoided in the future.