Life Saver AI Camera Adds Cutting-Edge Technology to Pool Safety

Recent technological advancements have revolutionized approaches to pool safety. Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, a top-rated pool fence manufacturer, has partnered with CamerEye to introduce a safety camera powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that brings a new level of protection and peace of mind to families. “We don’t think of ourselves as a company that just sells pool fences; we are a company that saves lives,” says Eric Lupton, CEO of Life Saver. “That’s why we are constantly working on new products to enhance safety for our customers. This camera represents a significant advancement in pool safety technology.” The camera is designed to monitor pool activity and alert users to potential risks in real-time. Equipped with advanced motion detection and artificial intelligence technology, it continuously scans the pool area, instantly detecting any movement or disturbances in the water.

Key Features Include:

    Provides live video streaming, allowing users to monitor pool activity from anywhere via a smartphone or tablet.
    Using sophisticated algorithms, the camera can differentiate between normal pool activity and potential emergencies, such as a child falling into the water.
    In the event of a detected disturbance, the camera sends immediate alerts to connected devices, ensuring prompt action can be taken.
    With built-in infrared technology, the camera offers clear visibility even in low-light conditions up to 100 feet, allowing for 24/7 monitoring.
    An intuitive interface that is easy to set up and operate. The camera is just one layer of protection and Lupton stresses it should be used concurrently with other layers of drowning prevention tactics. These layers include swim lessons, water watchers, and physical barriers such as a pool safety fence. “As technology continues to evolve, so does our ability to safeguard our loved ones,” Lupton says, noting that the camera is a convenient, affordable way to enhance pool safety. “By investing in innovative solutions like the Life Saver CamerEye camera and using them as another layer of protection, we can create safer environments and prevent tragedies before they occur.”

Publication: Fence News USA