For our Dealer Spotlight series, Life Saver Pool Fence is pausing from our usual safety blogs to highlight some of the pool safety experts who make our nationwide company work!

Today, we’re speaking with John Ford. He’s our resident pool fence dealer in San Diego. John told us about his family, why he decided to become a Life Saver Pool Fence dealer, and why he loves his job so much!

Everyone, please allow us to introduce John Ford.

Dealer Spotlight: John Ford

1) Hi John, tell us about yourself! Where are you from and where are you located now?

I’m originally from the the Bay Area in California. I now live in San Diego.

2) What did you do before becoming a Life Saver Pool Fence Dealer?

I was in the United States Navy. I spent a year training in Great Lakes, Illinois. Then I spent a few more years in San Diego on the USS New Orleans LPD 18. I then spent the next seven months on deployment around the Middle East.

3) Tell us about your family

It’s just me, my wife and I… and our dog, Jasper!

John and his dog, Jasper

John and Jasper

4) What drove you to get involved in drowning prevention?

After I was honorably discharged from the military, I wanted to do something that I felt was still giving back to the community and was very rewarding. Mark Hinkle, the owner of Life Saver Pool Fence of Northern California, got me into this business. I owe a lot of my success to him for getting me started.

5) Why did you decide to become a Life Saver Pool Fence Dealer?

Mark Hinkle called me about a week after I got out of the Navy and asked if I was interested in becoming a dealer. I have known Mark and his son for over 14 years. At that point, I’d seen and become somewhat familiar with Life Saver just by association.

6) What has been the most rewarding part of being a Life Saver Dealer so far?

By far the most rewarding part is knowing that, with the number of fences that I have already installed, I have statistically prevented at least a few children from drowning!

Worrying about water depth while swimming

7) What is your #1 drowning prevention tip?

Add multiple layers of protection. You should have not just a fence, but also alarms, supervision, and swimming lessons.

8) Any other big water safety tips for our readers?

Try to child proof your home before your child can even can walk!

9) What areas do you serve? We know that you are based in San Diego, but do you also travel?

I will travel as far east as Palm Desert or La Quinta. I’ll go as far north as Hemmit or Menafee.

10) Direct Line of Contact?

Email for John Ford:
Phone: 619-554-2002