Drowning Stats for February 2023

The drowning stats for February 2023 have been released. Although the rate of these drowning incididents are an improvement over last year’s February, there is still plenty of work to be done.

Understanding the Drowning Statistics for February 2023

Total Aquatic Programming‘s water safety experts generously provide monthly national drowning statistics, analyzing all incidents that occurred across the country during that period. The recently released data for November 2023 follows this practice and offers valuable insights. As with previous reports, the statistics are compared to data from the past 13 years to identify trends, knowledge gaps, and potential solutions to help avoid preventable fatalities. With this month-by-month breakdown, Total Aquatic Programming aids water safety experts to enhance education and life-saving rescue techniques.

These monthly drowning statistics cover over 15 different factors related to each incident across the nation, including:

  • the date,
  • state,
  • city,
  • county,
  • age,
  • gender of the victim,
  • recorded ethnicity,
  • body of water,
  • and other relevant circumstances.

These details can also provide valuable guidance for preventing future drowning incidents

Chart: Drowning Stats for February 2023

Drowning Stats for February 2023

As mentioned earlier, the drowning stats for February 2023 represent an improvement in most categories versus 2022. When compared to February 2021, there is significant progress.

Drowning Chart for February 2023

Some of the reported drowning incidents from this month were caused by situations connected to the weather. It is crucial to learn more about how to deal with these weather-related circumstances so that swimmers can be better prepared.

Flooding and Strong Currents

One of the most common causes of accidental drowning last month was flooding and rip currents. Flooding can happen suddenly, particularly during stormy weather.

Additionally, being caught in a powerful current is a serious danger. For example, we recently reported on the passing of Kazuki Takahashi, the creator of the popular show and game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Sadly, he drowned heroically attempting to rescue a U.S. soldier, a woman, and her 11-year-old daughter who were caught in a strong and sudden rip tide.

This story serves as a cautionary tale about beach safety and the dangers of rip tides and rip currents. Essentially, a rip tide is a narrow strip of water that flows away from the shore, often not visible to the naked eye. This lack of visibility is what makes them so hazardous, as it can put swimmers at risk of being swiftly carried out to sea. The force of the water can cause disorientation and panic, leading to poor decision-making and potentially dangerous situations.

Falling Through the Ice

Beyond floods and currents, several drowning incidents in February 2023 were related to ice. These include multiple dangers, such as falling through ice, cars plunging into water due to icy conditions, and cold water shock.

It’s important to note that ice-related dangers are often underestimated. For this reason, we’ve published several blogs about this topic. One such danger is cold water shock, a natural response of the body when it is suddenly submerged in freezing water. In these cases, the cold water causes one to gasp for air and accidentally inhale water, which can lead to disorientation, panic, and ultimately, increased risk.