Drowning Stats for March 2023

The drowning stats for March 2023 have been released. Unfortunately, the numbers have shown a slight uptick versus last March.

Understanding the Drowning Statistics for March 2023

Total Aquatic Programming‘s team of water safety experts routinely shares monthly national drowning statistics that provide a comprehensive analysis of all incidents that occurred across the country during that period. The recently released data for March 2023 continues this practice and offers valuable insights. By comparing the statistics to data from the past 14 years, Total Aquatic Programming can identify trends, knowledge gaps, and potential solutions to help prevent future fatalities. This monthly breakdown helps water safety experts to enhance education and life-saving rescue techniques that promote water safety.

These monthly drowning statistics cover over 15 different factors related to each incident across the nation, including:

  • date,
  • state,
  • city,
  • county,
  • age,
  • gender of the victim,
  • recorded ethnicity,
  • body of water,
  • and other relevant circumstances.

Chart: Drowning Stats for March 2023

2023 March Drowning Stats

As mentioned earlier, the drowning stats for March 2023 have seen some increases versus last year. On the positive side, there were less children four and under that drowned. This is also true for adults. Unfortunately, older kids saw some serious rises, with 2023 being the highest number on record for teens and second highest for kids aged 12 and under.

2023 March Drowning Chart

While this isn’t the worst March on record, there is plenty of reason for drowning safety experts to take notice.

For March, there were actually several incidents and situations that we’ve previously discussed on this safety blog. Here are a few of the causes of these drowning incidents:

Suction Entrapment

For one incident, suction entrapment was listed as the cause. While there isn’t further information about this case, drowning due to suction entrapment and drains is a serious and often preventable danger for children and adults alike.

As we wrote in our blog post about drain danger, this occurs when a person becomes trapped by the suction from a drain or other underwater intake. In a nutshell, it makes it difficult or impossible for the victim to free themselves. The suction force can be so strong that it can hold a person underwater, leading to drowning.

To prevent suction entrapment, it’s essential to ensure that all pool and spa drains have proper covers and anti-entrapment devices installed. Additionally, swimmers should never play or swim near drains, and parents should always supervise their children while in the water. By becoming aware of the dangers of suction entrapment and taking proper precautions, we can help prevent drowning accidents and keep our loved ones safe.

Animal Attacks

Drowning due to animal attacks is another potential danger that swimmers should be aware of. While this type of situation is rare, animals such as alligators, sharks, and sea lions have been known to attack and drown humans. In some cases, swimmers may unintentionally attract animals with their movements. Alternately, swimming in areas known to be habitats for these animals can be a danger.

It’s important to research and be aware of the types of animals that may be present in the bodies of water where you plan to swim. Be sure to also take proper precautions, such as swimming in designated areas and avoiding swimming at dawn or dusk when animals are most active.

Additionally, if you see an animal while swimming, keep your distance! Above all, remain calm and slowly move away without making sudden movements or splashing. By being cautious and aware of the potential dangers of animal attacks, we can enjoy the water safely and minimize the risk of drowning. No matter what, you should always keep your wits when wild animals are near. You never know what might rile them up and put you in harm’s way.