While the drowning stats for September 2022 weren’t quite as glowing as last month’s, there was still progress! On top of that, the total drownings from last month are significantly down when compared to September of 2021. Read on to learn more about these fascinating charts and water safety statistics.

Understanding the Drowning Statistics for September 2022

Water safety is serious business. Fortunately, there are experts around the nation who have dedicated their lives to helping to prevent unnecessary deaths and injuries. Each month, we share the numbers reported by Total Aquatic Programming.

These data points explain causes, ages and locations for credibly reported drowning incidents from across the United States of America. Like every other month, the drowning stats for September 2022, are compared to Septembers from the past 13 years. The goal is to find patterns of behavior, gaps in education and possible solutions to prevent needless loss of life.

In short, these month-by-month drowning numbers help water safety experts to improve general education and life-saving rescue practices.

The basic drowning stats for September 2022 track more than 15 separate items from every drowning that occurs throughout the country. 

These items include, but are not limited to:

  • date
  • state
  • city
  • county
  • age and gender of the victim
  • ethnicity, if recorded
  • body of water in which the drowning occurred
  • and several other circumstances that can help to provide some guidance in the prevention of future drownings.

To learn more about the fine safety professionals behind these drowning stats, we always encourage our readers to check out our Child Safety Source interview with Total Aquatic Programming’s Mick Nelson.

Chart: Drowning Stats for September 2022

As mentioned above, the drowning stats for September 2022 continue to show a downward trajectory. On the whole, the past few months have seen far fewer drowning incidents than previous years. While this still doesn’t reach the goal of zero drownings, this is still quite impressive.

Drowning Stats for September 2022

When compared to September 2021, there is a marked decline in total drownings. That is a trend we love to see. Here’s hoping that with diligent work, those numbers can continue to fall.

Drowning Chart for September 2022

Flooding Danger

One of the two major causes of drownings in September was flooding. Several people were caught in high waters. Flooding danger is a serious concern. Sadly, it isn’t often talked about.

During rainy seasons, it is crucial to keep away from streams or rivers if you are not properly prepared. The water level can suddenly and quickly rise, dragging people along with it. Beyond this, many people do not consider the dangers of drowning in their own home during a storm. Floods happen quickly. If a person is trapped in a basement without an escape route, this can easily turn fatal. During heavy storms, try to stay as high above the potential water level as possible. 

Animal Attacks: Sharks and Alligators

We’ve written about shark attacks and finding animals in the pool before, but this month saw a relatively high number of those incidents. When at the beach, be absolutely sure to heed any warning signs. Often they can give a hint to possible wildlife in the area. Also, never swim without a lifeguard. Having a water safety expert on the scene can help to prevent tragedy.

If you are in an area frequented by alligators, try to remain aware of your surroundings. Don’t wander off from the group. If you encounter a gator, do not engage. Keep your distance and get to a safe location.

If you have a pool at home, we recommend implementing the 7 layers of protection which include installing a pool fence.