May is a special time for Life Saver Pool Fence. As our longtime readers may recall, this month is dedicated to water safety awareness. Join us for a celebration of, and closer look at, National Water Safety Month 2022.

Exploring National Water Safety Month 2022

As with the previous years, National Water Safety Month 2022 is about keeping drowning danger and potential water hazards to a minimum. It is a time to take a closer look at precautions and education that save lives.

Much like this safety blog, one of the goals of this event is to explore the many hazardous aspects of swimming and boating that often go overlooked. This month is especially designed to spread awareness is through focused, ongoing education. Each month, we share drowning statistics and helpful tips. In the spirit of this national awareness campaign, we’ll continue to highlight many ways to ensure your safety in and near water.

The History of the Month

National Water Safety Month 2022 is an annual awareness campaign that is coordinated by the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance with support from the American Red Cross, the National Recreation and Park Association and the World Waterpark Association.

This makes sense since drowning danger is more serious than many people realize. In fact, according to the CDC, aside from certain birth conditions, drowning is actually the leading cause of death for kids under four.

Here, once again, is the official description according to the National Water Safety Month website:

In May 2007, the National Recreation and Park Association, which had been celebrating National Aquatics Week in July from 2004 to 2006, decided, along with the WWA, that a month-long water safety initiative in May would be best because it’s when swim activity increases across the country. That’s when National Water Safety Month was officially born.

In May 2009, the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (now the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance) joined the partnership, adding waterparks, public pools, and backyard pools to the monthly water safety initiative. 

Finally, in May 2010, the American Red Cross joined the National Water Safety Month coalition as a key partner.

Spreading the Word

Besides telling people about this awareness month, this blog offers many helpful tips that could prevent drowning or other water-related tragedies. Here are just a few ways all of us can be a bit safer in the water:

Pool Fence:

This sounds like a no-brainer for this website, and it is! The value of a tall, sturdy pool fence cannot be overstated. As a first line of defense against drowning danger, a strong mesh pool fence provides a powerful layer of protection.

life saver pool fence with self closing self latching pool gate 400x300 1

These barriers help to keep kids, and even pets, away from the potentially dangerous pool area. A fence should be strong enough to withstand pushing, pulling and harsh weather. Besides that, it should also be tall enough to prevent anyone from climbing or jumping over.

Self-Closing Gate:

A fence is even more effective when combined with a self-closing gate. This magnetic gate is designed to close automatically behind a person who is walking into, or out of, the pool area. It helps to cut down on human error by simply eliminating the problem.

self-closing pool gate

Pool Alarms:

Beyond that, consider adding another layer of protection: pool alarms. These loud devices can let anyone nearby know that someone has unexpectedly entered the pool area. There are several varieties of alarms to choose from. Some are designed for windows and doors that lead to the pool area. Others are directly worn by the child or placed in the pool itself.

To help spread the word during National Water Safety Month 2022, feel free to share any of our blogs with your loved ones. They feature all sorts of valuable tips for water and boating safety.