Each month, we see far too many reports of drowning deaths across the nation. At Life Saver Pool Fence, we know that drowning is preventable. However, that doesn’t mean this is an easy task. Water safety requires vigilance and education. Each month, we shine a light on some of the tragedies caused by drowning. Right alongside these, we also want to give people some hope. To that end, we also share tales of water rescues by quick-thinking heroes.

Overall, these personal stories will hopefully inspire our readers to become more aware of possible drowning dangers. Read on for the tragic drowning deaths and heroic rescues of September.

September’s Tales of Drowning Deaths and Heroic Rescues

Young Girl Rescued in Washington, D.C.

In D.C., a seven-year-old girl was taken to the hospital after being found unconscious at the bottom of Langdon Park swimming pool. Fortunately, the pool staff was on the scene to get her out and revive her by using CPR. By the time emergency responders arrived, the girl was conscious and breathing. This story proves the importance of CPR training – that it can, and often does, save lives!

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Flash Flooding in Fort Worth, TX

Even with swimming lessons, flood water can pose a major drowning risk to anyone and everyone. Regardless of swimming ability, swiftly moving shallow water can be deadly. In fact, even shallow standing water can be dangerous for small children. During September, flash flooding in Fort Worth claimed the lives of three people. Our hearts go out to the victims of this tragedy.

Please take note that you may not be safe in a vehicle during a flood either. As detailed in this story, a car or even a truck may not provide adequate protection from fast-moving flood waters. The vehicles can stall or can even be swept away by quickly flowing water.

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A Rhode Island Boy Thanks His Rescuers

Active supervision is critical for protecting little ones by the water. A momentary lapse of attention is all it takes to turn a day of playful swimming into a disaster. Fortunately, this is not one of those stories. James Castanho was three-years-old when he was found at the bottom of a swimming pool. Fortunately, some brave responders were able to react and resuscitate him. James is now four years old. In September, he took the opportunity to thank his rescuers. At Providence’s Town Hall, he handed out Community Heart Saver awards to his saviors.

“There was zero negligence in this case,” explained David Paull, one of two Heart Safe-Tiverton coordinators. “This kid squeaked by everybody. It takes seconds for a 3-year-old to get out of your sight.”

So please make sure to always keep a close watch over your little ones, and install layers of protection to be there when you aren’t. We are so happy this little boy is alright.

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Tragedy Strikes During Bath Time in Alabama

When it’s bath time, you can’t leave your child unattended. Children can drown in as little as two inches of water, and it happens quickly – and silently! In this story, an Alabama baby boy has died after drowning in a bathtub.

“A child can drown in a matter of minutes,” said CPSC spokeswoman Ellyn Pollack. “It happens quickly and silently. A baby can slip under the water without crying or screaming or splashing around.”

Importance of daily baths

This terrible story is a somber reminder that we all must beware of unlikely drowning hazards. Even a bathtub or hot tub can become deadly without the proper precautions.

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Idaho High School Student Saves a Dog

As always, let’s end on a happy note. After all, it’s a pleasure to share a story like this one! Will Hall, a senior at Timberline High School in Boise, Idaho, saved the life of an adventurous golden retriever. Hall found a dog fighting for his life in an irrigation pond. He quickly jumped into the water to make sure the animal didn’t drown. Hall held the poor pup’s head above water until help arrived. Thanks to Hall’s quick thinking and forethought of calling the fire station for help, he was able to save the day. Now this playful dog has been reunited with his family.

Safely Celebrate National Dog Week

We’ve discussed water safety tips for dogs on this blog before, and this story is a perfect example of why we must take care to protect our dogs as well as our children!

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