Removable pool fencing is a perfect marriage between safety and elegance. At the Life Saver Pool Fence blog, we are very much concerned about children and water safety. That said, we appreciate that a mesh fence surrounding your pool area isn’t always necessary for an adult. When the children are away, why shouldn’t your backyard reflect your personal taste? That’s when removable pool fencing really shines.

Why Choose Removable Pool Fencing?

Life Saver’s mesh removable pool fencing is built to remain sturdy enough to protect young children and pets from swimming accidents. It’s also specially designed on a 45-degree angle to prevent a child from climbing over it. That’s good news, since drowning is a serious concern for children four and younger.

You can see it in action in this video:

Of course, when the coast is clear of kids, our removable pool fencing is, well, removable. An adult can remove a section, several sections or the whole fence in a matter of minutes. Whenever removing the pool fence for longer periods, patio caps are provided to cover the small postholes. You can even choose different colored caps to properly accessorize your home or backyard.

Pool Fence for Child Safety

Of Course, You Don’t Have to Remove It!

Just because it is removable doesn’t mean you need to use that feature. Life Saver’s pool fences are built to take a beating. They are designed to survive in extreme heat and blistering cold winters. No matter where you live, removable pool fencing can be left up all year long.

pool fence couple

Research Before You Buy a Fence

As we often say, the decision to purchase a pool fence is an important one. This is a serious purchase, so research is key. At Life Saver Pool Fence, we offer a variety of removable pool fencing models. This selection is designed to accommodate all budgets and needs. After all, keeping children safe is our most important goal.

Removable pool fencing is a powerful tool for keeping your backyard as safe as possible. It’s a powerful additional layer of water security.

Pool Fence Installation Instructions

Just be sure to always replace the fence when your child or pet is back on your property. This way your pool is not unprotected. In today’s busy world, it is very easy for parents to become distracted. Relying on active supervision alone can lead to a terrible accident. A false sense of security can be deadly.

The peace of mind that comes from installing a fence can’t be overstated. Being able to remove it though? That’s both versatile and practical.