Happy Independence Day, everyone! The 4th of July is the quintessential American holiday. Today, millions of people will gather round the barbecue with family and friends to celebrate our great nation.

This is great, but it’s important to be careful as well. In the midst of a lively party, it’s easy to be lulled into a false sense of security. In this special Independence Day blog, Life Saver Pool Fence is stepping away from the pool.

Here are some important safety tips to help keep everyone happy and healthy during today’s festivities.

Take Care with Fireworks!

First things first, don’t do anything illegal. Fireworks are a lot of fun, but they are also quite dangerous. Make sure you learn your local laws. If fireworks are illegal in your area, then don’t take the risk.

Now, if fireworks are legal, you’re not in the clear yet. You should treat these explosives with respect and care. After all, the emergency rooms are full of tragic mishaps on Independence Day.

Here are some basic rules to help keep you and your loved ones safe around fireworks:

  • Take care to follow the exact directions on any and all fireworks
  • Don’t alter your fireworks or combine them to make larger explosions. Amateur explosive experiments are a dangerous gamble.
  • Keep water close by when igniting fireworks.
  • Tell any spectators to keep their distance. Fireworks can sometimes be unpredictable.
  • To that end, don’t light fireworks on uneven ground. A smooth, flat surface is best for avoiding a potential hazard.
  • Don’t drink and light! If you’re lighting fireworks, make sure you’re absolutely sober.
  • Protect your eyes by wearing safety goggles.
  • If a particular firework appears to be a dud, wait 20 minutes. You can never be sure that there won’t be a delayed explosion. Soak the “dud” in a bucket of water, then carefully dispose of it. This is also how you should dispose of any remaining fireworks materials.

Independence Day Can Be Rough on Pets 

We’ve offered dog safety tips in the past. After all, we worry about our furry friends. Any pet owner knows that animals are often terrified by the sounds of fireworks. That makes sense. How would they even begin to understand all of those loud, random noises? The answer is simple: they can’t.

The Dangers of Installing a Dog Door

Pets may often run wild and panic in the rockets’ red glare. If possible, don’t take them to a fireworks display at all. If that’s unavoidable, just keep a good attentive eye on them. Active supervision works for pets! Don’t leave them unattended, and make sure you’re available to comfort the poor frightened creatures.

If you’re leaving the pets at home, consider leaving the TV or stereo on, and at a loud volume. This will hopefully muffle the sounds of explosions coming from outside.

General Independence Day Safety Tips

Beyond fireworks, don’t forget to wear sunblock and stay hydrated. Many of the same tips we offered for your beach trip will help here as well. If you’re hitting the water, whether for boating or swimming, it’s a good idea to understand the basics of water safety. Know how to recognize when someone is drowning and keep a close attentive eye on your little ones.

Otherwise, enjoy the holiday! It’s a wonderful time to celebrate the birth of the United States! Happy Independence Day, everyone!