Our latest Life Saver Pool Fence cartoon features a clever use for a pool skimmer. Artist Amy Hwang has done it again. While we love the humor, believe it or not, there’s truth in there!

The Pool Skimmer Cartoon

Here is our latest pool fence cartoon, which was created by artist Amy Hwang: Pool Skimmer parenting.

Pool Fence Skimmer Cartoon

To state the obvious, it would not be a great idea to actually fish children out of the water with a pool skimmer. That said, it can be helpful for reaching a drowning person. As we described in our article Reach or Throw, Don’t Go! It’s pretty good for dead leaves too!

Still, joking aside, these parents should be within arm’s distance from the kids. Additionally, a focused adult really should be watching the kids without distraction. Now, we take pool safety very seriously, at Life Saver Pool Fence… but we can also have a laugh from time to time!

Install a Pool Fence

Just like in the clever cartoon, a pool fence can also help keep little ones safe. It stands as a formidable barrier to water areas.

The significance of a strong mesh pool fence becomes particularly apparent in its ability to resist external pressures. Essentially, the mesh component plays a pivotal role in fortifying the fence’s structural integrity. Over time, exposure to the elements can take its toll on any structure, but with a resilient mesh fence, the risks of wear-and-tear are significantly mitigated.

Black Black Concrete Rectangle Partial

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Alarms Can Help

In addition to maintaining active supervision and the installation of a pool fence, it’s wise to not to rely solely on one safety measure. Instead, diversify your strategies with multiple layers of protection. For instance, incorporating pool alarms into your safety protocol significantly enhances the security of any aquatic environment, whether it’s a swimming pool, pond, or hot tub.

Pool alarms serve as an invaluable addition to your home’s safety infrastructure. These sophisticated devices play a crucial role in notifying adults if a child might have gained access to the water. Whether it’s a curious pet or an unwitting child, the timely alert provided by pool alarms could be instrumental in preventing accidents and potentially saving lives.

By embracing a comprehensive approach to water safety––which includes a combination of active supervision, physical barriers like pool fences, and gear such as pool alarms––households can significantly mitigate the risks associated with aquatic activities. A multi-layered strategy not only enhances the overall safety of water environments but also provides peace of mind for homeowners and caregivers alike.

Amy Hwang: Learning More About the Artist

Like our other pool fence safety cartoons, this latest witticism is brought to you by artist Amy Hwang, who has drawn cartoons for The New Yorker since 2010. According to her website, she is a winner of the National Cartoonists Society’s 2019 Silver Reuben Award for Gag Cartoons.

The artist was born and raised in Texas, but currently lives in Scarsdale, NY with her daughter. To learn more about Amy Hwang, follow her on Instagram and Etsy.

Amy Hwang (Photo by Aiko Austin)

For more information about water safety, please browse some of our older blog posts. Additionally, feel free to share this post and cartoon with your friends and family. Spreading the word about water safety can save lives!