How much is a pool fence? Well, that’s a tricky question. Water safety is the paramount concern for everyone at Life Saver Pool Fence. The actual process of buying a pool fence isn’t difficult. That said, you need to be absolutely sure that you’re buying the right fence.

At Life Saver Pool Fence, our experts will evaluate your property and customize the perfect barrier for each customer’s home. In today’s blog, we will outline the necessary safety features to look out for and will explain how we’ll create the ideal removable pool fence for your budget.

What to Look for in a Pool Fence

Pool fences are a key layer of defense when it comes to protecting your loved ones from drowning. However, all fences are not created equally. While a cheaper option may seem like a great buy, it may also lack several important safety features.

Life Saver Pool Fence

To be truly effective, a pool fence should include these features:

  • It should provide a barrier between your back door and the pool area
  • Have a self-closing gate that latches automatically
  • The fence should be 48 inches tall with slats no more than 4 inches apart. This prevents little ones from climbing over the fence and into danger.

Here is a chilling fact that no one really talks about: drowning is the leading cause of death among children aged 1-4. Below, we’ve included a powerful infographic that explains just how dangerous an unprotected pool area can be.


As you can see, tragedy can strike without warning. When it comes to water danger, beware a false sense of security. Purchasing and installing the right pool fence will help to provide you with necessary peace of mind.

How Much is a Pool Fence?

So how much is a pool fence? Well, Prices can vary. Fortunately, Life Saver Pool Fence combines quality and reliability at pricing that are designed to fit any budget. Your cost will vary depending on the height, color and options you choose, as well as the type of surface you have and the complexity of your installation. In short, each fence is custom-tailored to your unique pool area. In this sense, no two Life Saver Pool Fences are the same.

The best way to get started is by using the form you’ll find on this “How much does a pool fence cost?” page. Here you’ll provide some basic information about yourself. Right away you’ll be contacted by a local Life Saver Pool Safety Specialist.

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Many times, this Specialist will be able to answer the question “how much is a pool fence?” for you. After a brief conversation, the Life Saver Pool Safety Specialist may be able to give you a rough price estimate on your pool fence right over the phone.

In any case, you’ll also be able to set up a free in-home consultation. This will help flesh out the particulars of your budget and pool area. During this hassle-free consultation, you’ll receive a more accurate price quotation. There’s no obligation to buy, but it will definitely help you explore the best pool safety solutions for your family and your home.

Buying a Pool Fence Couldn’t Be Easier

A pool fence is a critical safety feature for any home with a pool. For more information about the key features of a pool fence, please check out some of our recent focused blogs: