Our next Life Saver Pool Fence cartoon features a clever use for a fence around a koi pond. While we love the humor, believe it or not, there’s truth in it! After all, a properly installed pool fence helps to protect animals as well as people!

The Koi Pond Pool Fence Cartoon

To clarify, here is our latest pool fence cartoon, which was created by artist Amy Hwang:

Pool Fence Cartoon: Koi PondAnimals in the Water? 

To state the obvious, it is pretty clear that the koi fish in the pool fence cartoon are safe from drowning. A child or other animal stumbling into their domain would put them at much greater danger than the likelihood of drowning.. Believe it or not, there are often a lot of problems with animals getting into pools and ponds.

For folks living in Florida, alligators in the pool are an all-too-common sight. For the rest of the country, any number of other critters might stumble into our waters. To prevent this, we recommend a few safety measures.


Install a Pool Fence

As in the cartoon, a pool fence offers a barrier to a water area. Technically, this can be an area as big as a pool or as small as, well, a koi pond.

The truth is, children, pets and wild animals all love to climb into places where they don’t belong. This is where a strong mesh pool fence helps to prevent drowning danger.  With a properly installed sturdy fence, the barrier can withstand the pushes of people, animals and the ravages of the elements.

Often, this is where a strong mesh pool fence really helps. Essentially, the mesh is the most important bit. Leaving a fence exposed to the elements over time will eventually cause some general wear-and-tear.

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Alarms Can Help

Layers of protection are important for any area of water, including pool, pond or hot tub. Pool alarms are another great addition to your home. These devices help to alert the home if someone is entering the water without permission. No matter if that is an animal or a person, installing pool alarms could easily save a life. 

Amy Hwang: Learning More About the Artist

Like our first pool fence safety cartoon, this latest witticism is brought to you by artist Amy Hwang, who has drawn cartoons for The New Yorker since 2010. According to her website, she is a winner of the National Cartoonists Society’s 2019 Silver Reuben Award for Gag Cartoons.

Digging a bit deeper, Hwang was born and raised in Texas, but currently lives in Scarsdale, NY with her daughter. To learn more about Amy Hwang, follow her on Instagram and Etsy.

For more information about pool safety, please browse some of our older blog posts. Additionally, please share this post and cartoon with your friends and family. Spreading the word about water safety can save lives!